Everything You Need to Know About CBD Dosage

The short answer to the question ‘How much CBD should you take?’ is ‘there is no right CBD dosage’. The perfect dosage for a person depends on a variety of factors like tolerance of CBD, body type and the severity of condition he/she is willing to treat. The type of CBD product and the concentration of CBD in it are other important considerations as some products interact differently than others. In this post, we talk about various considerations to determine the right CBD dosage.

Here are the major dosage considerations for anybody interested in determining the proper CBD dosage:

Body Weight – A user’s body weight plays an important role in deciding how much CBD affects the body. More the body weight, higher the doses are required to experience the relaxing effects of CBD.

Concentration – Strength or concentration of CBD is the amount of the component present in a product. It is measured in mg. When you buy CBD pills online or purchase concentrate or tinctures, you are likely to get this information printed on the label.

Tolerance – Users develop CBD tolerance over time resulting in reduced effects with the same dosage.

Expected Results – For a lot of people, the right dose depends on the level of discomfort or pain experienced. A person suffering from anxiety or chronic pain may need a higher dose than somebody with a milder problem.

The above-mentioned criteria should help CBD consumers determine the optimal starting CBD dosage.

Here is a guide to measuring the right dosage for different CBD products.

Oils and Tinctures – These are concentrated forms of CBD oils generally consumed sublingually or mixed with food. They vary in terms of concentration that ranges from 100 to 5000 mg. A 5000 mg strength in a bottle of 30ml is different from 100mg strength in the same size of bottle. Both these will yield different results even when taken in the same dosage. This is why first time users should start with lower strengths of CBD tinctures and increase the dosage gradually.

Vape Oil – CBD oil extracted from hemp is formulated with alcohol or vegetable glycerine to make vape oil which is inhaled with the help of a CBD vape. This method gives instant effects that last for an hour or so. Most vape oils come in 30ml bottle size with concentrations ranging from 200mg to 1500mg. A lot of CBD vape pens come with cartridges that house vape oil.

Topicals – CBD topicals consist of creams, lotions, salves, balms and other products applied topically on the outermost skin layer. People use topicals to relieve joint or muscle pain. Calculating the right dosage with CBD topicals is not easy because it is applied on the skin. These products have concentration anywhere from 250mg to 1500mg. People looking for relief from severe pain generally use high-concentration topicals.

Edibles – CBD edibles include gummies, capsules and other products which can be eaten. Just like tinctures, CBD edibles also have a longer onset time as they are taken orally but the effects last for hours. Calculating the optimal dosage is easy with edibles as the products list the ingredients. Most CBD gummies come in concentration ranging from 5mg to 100mg. A number of brands manufacture CBD capsules that users can take like other medicine to fulfil their daily dose of CBD correctly. You can buy CBD pills online from reputed brands to consume CBD in an easy way. Though there are no severe adverse effects of overdosing on CBD, it is important to keep a watch on the dosage to benefit correctly from its therapeutic effects.

The Top Gear you need to celebrate 4/20 like an Adult

The favorite unofficial holiday for all the CBD enthusiasts is here again. You might be eager to wake and bake and you will also want to have a list of products that perfectly elevate your celebrations. We no longer live in the age where the tradition is limited to rolling papers. This is 2019 and we have got vaporizers, edibles and a number of advanced methods to smoke up. So, get ready to explore some of the most modern weed accessories you can consider this 4/20.

Puffco Peak

Disclosed for the first time at the CES conference 2018 in Las Vegas, the Puffco Peak has made a great impression on the weed industry. It is probably the first ever smart dab rig in the world and is essentially a battery-operated gizmo that heats up in just 20 seconds and comes with four heat settings to select from. This equipment is designed to eliminate the use of butane and propane based torches. Puffco Peak charges in about 2 hours and can last for up to 30 dabs with one full charge. Load the tool and put on the glass cap before you heat it up. It is a compact accessory and includes a carrying case. It intends to make dabbing more enjoyable and simpler than ever.


Vaporization being a cleaner, safer and easier method, particularly for lungs, is preferred by many over other ways to smoke weed. Others like smoking with a bong as it delivers a great water filtration. Cloudious9 offers one of the most advanced weed accessories in the form of Hydrology9 which is designed to combine the best of the two worlds by working as a portable and compact vape bong. Constructed using borosilicate glass and anodized aluminum, Hydrology9 vaporizes flower at the base and then filters the vapor through the chamber. This device is really futuristic in terms of concept as well as aesthetics and is easy to clean too. Hydrology9 comes with a carry pouch and makes a great purchase for 4/20.

Grobo One

One of the most innovative products for weed enthusiasts, Grobo One is an automated grow system that comes with automatic watering, full-spectrum lighting, nutrient feeding and odorless carbon filter to help you grow the herb yourself. A fluid glass pane can be switched between transparent and opaque at just a button touch. The entire system can be controlled using a single smartphone app that offers real-time information about the growth of your plants. The app includes a variety of recipes which can help you when you want to grow something other than pot. The Grobo app gives you a regular update about the growth, humidity, temperature, nutrient levels and other important feedback to grow your favorite plants automatically.


Growing something is a commitment that requires planning and attention. However, growing weed is a next-level attempt with a lot of strains and variables into the picture. If you like growing this magical herb, the Growbuddy app, available for Android as well as iPhone devices can change your methods and your results. This mobile app comes with a large number of useful tools dedicated to helping you manage your grow plans and schedules. You can find automatic data sync between devices and a nutrient calculator. GrowBuddy even links to a marketplace where you find seeds, pesticides, lights and anything that your plants need. You can access the Q&A forum and connect with other aspiring growers to discuss what works and what doesn’t. It is one of the most revolutionary weed accessories that help you work smarter.

Understanding the Best Cannabis Software for Online Dispensaries

Online marijuana dispensaries are thriving in Canada and it is one of the most lucrative business opportunities at the moment. The numerous advantages associated with buying marijuana from online dispensaries have further fueled the growth of online cannabis industry. However, like any business, this one too has its own challenges. You may have designed a great website and have an extensive collection of marijuana products to cater to your customer needs, but to take the online order 24/7 and process it correctly you need the best cannabis software in the market.

Compromising with the quality of software can impact the user experience of your website and also result in monetary losses. Hence we recommend that you shop around and invest in the highest quality cannabis software.

Here are some of the key points you need to consider before buying cannabis software.

  1. Cost

Price point or cost is perhaps the most common deciding factor when buying the best cannabis software. As an online dispensary owner, you will need software with excellent capabilities at an affordable price. The needs of cannabis retailers that have multiple locations differ from the ones that just have one store. So, you may need software with different pricing plans to suit multiple locations. Even if you have just one store at present, we would suggest that you invest in software with varying pricing points so that it can accommodate your needs when you think of expanding your business.

However, if you have a limited budget and you have no plans of opening another store in the near future, you may choose affordable software with limited price points.

  1. Capabilities

Software capabilities are an important factor to consider and you will need a system that can streamline your daily operations. It should be able to keep a track of your expenses, inventory and patient history. If you have an online presence, it should be able to maintain a record of orders placed through the website and track couriers of the packages sent.

Make sure your delivery driver is armed with a mobile application that tracks the package in the transit and keeps the customers updated. As a dispensary owner, you need to first prioritize the must-have features you need in cannabis software.

  1. State Law

There are strict state and local laws that the marijuana dispensaries have to comply with. As a result, you need to produce accurate inventory or sales report on a regular basis to avoid hefty fines. With cannabis software, the entire process becomes automated and it becomes easier to track sales and generate daily reports.

For example, it is a common mistake for a new dispensary staff member to oversell to a client unintentionally, but this may be considered a serious offence. Good software alerts the staff if the maximum limit of a client’s daily purchase is exceeded. It also helps you avoid the expensive mistakes.

  1. Easy Integration with Websites

In the past, a dedicated staff was needed to update the inventory and other details in the website. Today, software comes with the ability to seamlessly integrate with the website so the inventory and menu are all updated automatically. This not only helps the dispensary owner but also enables the customers to see the products that are actually in-stock.

  1. Marketing Tools

As the legal weed market continues to grow and flourish, most dispensaries now have an online presence to raise their visibility and expand their target market. As a result most of the best cannabis software now come with online integration and marketing tools to assist with your digital marketing campaigns. Look for software that allows you to send text messages and emails to engage customers and inform them about the discounts and offers.