Weed knowledge about buying cannabis
Source: Ask Growers

Now that you have decided to give it a try, you want to get the best possible experience. The most pleasurable smoking experiences come with the best cannabis buds. When your flower is good, you can enjoy pleasant highs, relaxing aromas and amazing flavor. The worst experiences often occur because of bad bud. You always want to get the loud weed and avoid any bad one. Identifying the perfect, high-quality, top-shelf flower can be tricky for even the most experienced smokers. It needs some weed knowledge that we provide here to help you separate high-end strains from avoidable ones.

A cannabis flower is the dried, cured form of the plant’s blooms, also known as buds. A bud is generally intoxicating with THC content indicating the potency and high associated with it. Some flower can be rich in CBD and produce less mind-altering effects. When distinguishing high-quality flower from the rest, there are four primary indicators – look, smell, structure and feel.


A high-quality flower that is healthy and fresh has some visual hints to help you determine its quality. Any good weed should be pleasant to look at but a high-end strain shows some vibrant colors. Top-shelf flowers are lime or deep green with red or orange hairs. They can even have colors ranging from bright blue to deep purple but never be brown toned. The amount of trichomes is another indicator. The small crystal-like hairs you see on the surface of the plant are trichomes and they are responsible for the flavor, smell and effects of the flower. More the number of trichomes you see, better is the potency of the flower.


The weed that is grown and cured to the highest standards generally exhibit a pleasant, strong aroma. Flowers giving out a pungent fragrance are usually known as ‘loud’ and it indicates its overall quality. A variety of types of smells high-quality marijuana flower emits like ‘piney’, ‘skunky’ and ‘diesely’. The general rule is that a great-smelling flower is usable and recommendable. The stronger the aroma, the better the flower is.


Properly grown and cured strains are light and fluffy if they are Sativas and Indicas are tight and dense in structure. Hard flowers indicate that regulators are used and they can give an unpleasant taste. Too fluffy flowers mean the plant did not receive enough light. A top-shelf strain of marijuana can be smoked using any of the modern weed accessories available at online stores.


A high-end flower has to be a little spongy and sticky to touch. Stems should snap upon bending and the bud should be easy to break. However, see that the bud is not extremely dry and crumble when touched. Bud that crackles when ignited, or burns to black and sticky ash tends to be harsher, and unpleasant to smoke. It is likely a sign of something undesirable on the flower. So it is known as black ash weed.

Flowers should also not be too soft or wet as such strains have higher chances of developing mold and mildew. The search for the highest-quality flower is not tricky. With some basic knowledge, even inexperienced weed smokers should be able to separate high-end buds from sub-par ones. However, it all comes down ultimately to what you like. The quality you prefer might be different from what your friends or bud tender recommend. The goal is to find the right one for you!

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Cannabis